Weezer’s New Album Cover For ‘Hurley’ Is Simply Awesome

Weezer - HurleyIf you are a fan of Weezer and LOST then this post is for you. Weezer recently announced their new album will be titled “Hurley” (coming out Sep. 14). They revealed the album cover today over at spinner.com. I happen to think that this album cover is simply awesome. Even if you have never seen LOST and don’t know who Jorge Garcias is, the image of that likable face somehow seems perfect for Weezer.

Since making wallpapers out of album covers on this site is so easy, I immediately created one! I just love how the cover art for “Hurley” is as funny and awesome looking as their two other recent albums “Raditude” and “Red”. Go ahead and download this Weezer wallpaper image, or create your own featuring the cover art for Weezer’s “Hurley”!