Fourth of July & Site Fully Live!

Happy 4th of July (if you’re American)! To celebrate the holiday I created a special red, white, and blue themed wallpaper made up from some of my favorites bands and albums. Using cover art that focus heavily on one color can make your tiled wallpaper look really awesome. Go ahead and give it a try, there’s no sign up and it is completely free!

Also, for anyone who previously visited, you will notice that this site is now live, operational, and fully functional. I have updated the old site letting everyone know that is the new home for making your own wallpaper out of album cover art, dvd/blu ray box art, and video game box art. Also, please note that any link to an old generated image will still work – you just can’t create wallpapers over there anymore.

Anyways, if you are American then enjoy the holiday, if not then still enjoy the weekend. Thanks!